Sell With Stellar, Using WooCommerce

We’re excited to announce that we’ve launched a new, free WooCommerce Stellar Gateway extension.

There are over three million people Stellar Facebook authorisations, but very few are selling via the Stellar protocol or in the Stellar cryptocurrency.

The WooCommerce Stellar Gateway is a way for non-developers to sell with Stellar.

If you can set up WordPress and WooCommerce, you can sell with Stellar.

Be First to Sell with Stellar

Stellar has only been around since July 31, 2014 and it already has a whopping 3.4 million Facebook authorisations.

There are very few merchants offering a way for these 3 million people to use their stellars. You can now become one of the first.

Sell Internationally

While it’s still early days, the Stellar dream—of having one protocol for transacting in all currencies—is becoming a reality as more gateways add support for new currencies to the Stellar network.

You can use the WooCommerce Stellar Extension to sell digital or physical goods (depending on your ability to ship) to people internationally and they can pay using their own currency (if they have setup trust lines for that currency).

Transaction Fees Virtually Zero

Your transaction fees will also be virtually nothing as a merchant when you use the WooCommerce Stellar Extension, because each stellar transaction only burns 10 microstellars—or 0.00001 stellars. (It does this to prevent spam).

That’s certainly less than the transaction fees charged by most other payment gateways.

Stellar Demo Video

Check out our WooCommerce Stellar Gateway video for a demonstration of how to install and use the extension.

Prospress Demo Stellar Store

Want to try it out? Check out our snazzy online demo store.

All proceeds from the store will be donated to the Stellar Foundation.

Github Page

If you want to contribute to the extension, join us on Github.

Please note: this post has been updated from its original version.


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  1. Silvy

    Love the idea of this, but there’s something I don’t quite understand. If I trust a gateway that accepts STR and XRP in my Stellar account, and set my prices at STR using this plugin, that means when a customer checks out they will see a price in STR, but if they want to pay with XRP, where is the conversion done?

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