We think WooCommerce is the best thing to happen to the web since WordPress.

Prospress is a tiny company standing on the shoulders of this giant eCommerce plugin. We use its extendability to build software customers love, help organise a few local meetups and talk about it at events all over the world. We exist to make the world’s best eCommerce platform a little better, because we want to help entrepreneurs prosper with WordPress.



Grow yours sales with the ultimate WooCommerce marketing automation plugin. Create abandoned cart emails, follow up SMS, personalized coupons, cross-sells and more. AutomateWoo has everything you need to convert and retain customers. Automatically. Learn More

Robot Ninja

77% of WooCommerce store managers test their checkout, manually. Now it can be done automatically. Robot Ninja provides end-to-end testing for a WooCommerce store’s cart and checkout functionality, without any code. Learn More


WooCommerce Subscriptions helps entrepreneurs sell subscriptions to all manner of digital and physical goods. Stores use it to sell energy food for elite athletes; fishing tackle without the hassle; salsa dancing lessons; carbon offsets; nail polish; pet food; socks; soap; eco-friendly craft boxes for kids, and everything in between. Learn More


Action Scheduler

Can WordPress be used to process a queue of 50,000 recurring payments? Yes. Yes it can… with a little help from a scalable job queue with background processing. That’s why we built Action Scheduler. Used by Subscriptions, Memberships and WooCommerce core, if your WordPress plugin needs a job queue, Action Scheduler can help. Learn More

Small Woorld

Entrepreneurship is hard. Each day brings new challenges amidst constant self-doubt. Small Woorld is a tonic for this hardship in the form of shared experiences. With Small Woorld, we publish stories of WooCommerce entrepreneurs from around the world as they pursue the journey to success (or failure). Learn More

And many more

Looking for a plugin to import or export subscriptions? Or maybe a way to customise the price displayed for a WooCommerce product? We publish dozens of free plugins on our GitHub profile. These take advantage of the open source foundation of WooCommerce and Subscriptions so you can tweak it to your needs. Go to GitHub


WooCommerce Subscriptions is the best plugin I’ve ever come across. We couldn’t exist without it.
I needed something very simple, very easy to integrate, WooCommerce plus Subscriptions fit for us.
I can’t thank you enough for the Subscriptions plugin. It’s really making a dream come true.
My favourite thing about WooCommerce is WooCommerce Subscriptions.
WooCommerce Subscriptions got the job done.
Subscriptions has been great for us.

Read more on Small Woorld, our blog for sharing stories of WooCommerce entrepreneurs around the world.


For help with WooCommerce plugins or Robot Ninja, please submit a support request.

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