Selling Coffee Online with WooCommerce

Over the weekend, Brent and I were lucky enough to return to home soil to attend WordCamp Sydney.

It was a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with the Australian WordPress community and to spread the word about The Wonderful World of WooCommerce.

One of the highlights was sampling the delicious coffee offerings of The Bearded Roaster, aka Tony Cosentino, who is using WooCommerce to sell his small batch coffee.

Tony’s hairy brand is so memorable, and his coffee (even the decaf) was truly delicious.

The experience inspired us to find some other businesses that are building a brand for selling coffee online using WooCommerce.

The Bearded Roaster

Vassilaros & Sons

One business that is selling coffee online using WooCommerce is Vassilaros & Sons New York City Coffee Co.

Vassilaros & Sons have a tapped into their founder’s rich New York history to tell a great story about their business.

Check out Vassilaros & Sons’ promotional video below (language warning), which gives you a sense of their typically New York-flavoured brand:

True Stone Coffee Roasters

True Stone Coffee Roasters are based in St Paul, Minneapolis.

True Stone are small batch specialty coffee roasters that also offer wholesale partnerships and barista training and education, including coffee art.

The team at True Stone clearly love their coffee, and the website is a treasure trove of coffee information and resources, including this coffee art demonstration video:

Indian Coffee Co

The Indian Coffee Co is based in Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

Indian Coffee Co have a lot of moving parts in their business. At their physical location you can grab a coffee, dine on delicious-looking cuisine, or attend events including wine tasting and karaoke.

From the website you can also purchase coffee, swag, and custom-made candles, check out their blog and sign up for their newsletter, as well as find links to their active social media accounts.

Indian Coffee Co looks to be a great example of a business that makes the most of the intersection between their physical and online stores.

Many Different Ways to Sell Coffee Online

As you can see, WooCommerce provides a great platform for selling coffee online.

You can sell small batches of coffee to consumers, use the site to connect as a wholesaler, or combine your site with a storefront to diversify your business opportunities. You can also use your website as a platform for creative branding and as a stepping stone for active social media engagement.

People like Tony—and the folks behind these three businesses—clearly feel really passionate about their coffee. We love seeing WooCommerce enable those people to turn their passion into a thriving online (and offline) business.

As for sampling the (freshly roasted) fruits of their labour? Well… we love that too!


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