From the Artist to the Businessperson: WooCommerce for Artists

If you are an artist, one thing you might want to think about is setting up a website to showcase—and potentially sell—your work.

You could also consider using your expertise to offer online art courses and/or creative mentorship, or book out your available time for in-person lessons.

If all of this sounds good to you—and you’re looking for a bit of inspiration—below are four examples of art websites using WooCommerce to power their online businesses.

Noah Fine Art

Noah Fine Art is the website belonging to Noah, a Disney-affiliated artist based in Orange County. He started his art business 25 years ago by selling art door to door on his bike.

Noah now runs his own creative studio, and is an independent licensed artist for Disney. He has worked with many large and well-known brands—including Levi’s, Toyota, and Nordstrom—and with celebrities, including Pink and Travis Barker (from Blink 182).

The Noah Fine Art online store features prints, apparel, kids art and originals, including original works from Disney’s The Little Mermaid.

Noah also uses WooCommerce to power his Noah University site, which is a membership site for mentoring artists and creatives.

Noah Fine Art The Little Mermaid Work

Vitruvian Fine Arts Studio

Vitruvian Studio is a fine-arts studio based in Chicago. They use Sensei to create online courses and WooCommerce to sell access to those courses.

While Vitruvian’s in-person art classes are their main operation, the online courses have become the centerpieces of their entire catalogue.

Offering the online courses also helps Vitruvian smooth their revenue, through periods when enrolment in the on-the-ground classes are down.

You can read more about Vitruvian’s experience using WooCommerce and Sensei in my guest post on the Sell With WP blog featuring businesses built on WooCommerce extensions.

Vitruvian Studio Sketch ExampleTabora Gallery

Tabora Gallery was established in 1985 and sells some of Hawaii’s best art. Their galleries in Waikiki, the Kauai Marriott and Historic Haleiwa Town feature over 15 world-renowned artists.

Customers can also purchase works through Tabora Gallery’s online store, which is powered by WooCommerce.

Tabora Gallery Wave Painting

Mouche Gallery

Mouche Gallery is a contemporary art gallery with locations in Beverly Hills and Maui.

Mouche has a great looking website and many of their works have a celebrity or pop culture focus. Contemporary art lovers can acquire themselves a striking black and white photo of Brigitte Bardot, or a mixed media Madonna piece.

(Note, not all of the art works are available for purchase online).

Mouche Gallery - Brigitte Bardot and Madonna works

From Artist to Entrepreneur

Hopefully the examples of art websites in this post has given you some food for thought on the different ways you can use WooCommerce to turn your artistic pursuits into an online business.


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