A Prosperous Endeavour

Is your dream to quit your job, start a business and be your own boss?

That was my dream too. It’s been an amazing journey from very humble beginnings—brainstorming business ideas while renting a loungeroom in a share house—to launching Prospress today.

But in reality, the journey has only just begun.

Prospress is about eCommerce. It’s about building tools and products as part of the thriving WooCommerce ecosystem. It’s about enabling online entrepreneurs to prosper with WordPress.

The Team

Prospress begins with a team of four.

There’s our Code Tamer Matt, who brings his development skills and youthful enthusiasm in equal measure.

Our Storyteller, Kirby, will help us tell great stories about eCommerce on this blog—our very own Prosper Press.

Ali will balance her exceptional empathy with a rigorous understanding of economic incentives, thanks to an (almost complete) PhD in Behavioural Economics, to manage Human Factors in the company.

And as for me, I’ll be relishing the opportunity to lead this wonderful team, and have more time for what I like to do most—solving complex eCommerce problems.

The Backstory

A little over two years ago, I released WooCommerce Subscriptions. It’s been my full-time occupation ever since.

Over the last six to twelve months, I began to both see the opportunity and the need to expand my focus—from maintaining, updating and supporting Subscriptions—to building a company around it and the many other WooCommerce opportunities popping up.

Our Goals

So why are we forming this team?

WooCommerce is quickly becoming the most popular eCommerce software on the web. Growth like this creates a rare business opportunity, but more importantly, if we execute on the opportunities being presented, we can have a dramatic impact on people’s lives. Providing people with the tools to build a business online is both a prosperous and personally rewarding endeavour.

For example, over the last couple of years, I’ve seen Subscriptions help Sean build a business out of his love of music by teaching piano lessons online at HD Piano. It’s helped Matt and his team at The Feed build a business that fuels elite athletes. It’s also helped Lucas make sure comic addicts can get a regular fix through Comic Cartel.

We simply love the idea of helping entrepreneurs—like Sean, Matt and Lucas—all over the world create and grow their own businesses. After all, open-source software, namely WordPress and WooCommerce, has helped me create and grow mine.

Thanks for joining us as we begin this journey.


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8 responses to A Prosperous Endeavour

  1. Emma

    Great story! I’m looking forward to hearing more about your journey in the future 🙂

  2. Lachlan

    Just want to say big congratulations on the new venture! eCommerce is a really exciting space and I can’t think of a better team to tackle it.

    Looking forward seeing all the cool things to come .

    • Brent Shepherd
      Post Author

      Thanks Gabriel. And thanks for providing custom development to folks wanting to extend Subscriptions.

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