Renting Out Clothes With WooCommerce

Clothing rental subscriptions make a lot of sense. Customers are happy, because they receive regular deliveries of new items to wear. They also get to benefit from the expertise of professional stylists.

When a customer gets tired of a particular item, they can easily send it back for somebody else to enjoy. That means less waste and fewer items sitting forgotten in the back of cupboards.

I recently spoke to one such business owner, Vladimir Paniouchkine, the CEO and Co-Founder of The Mr Collection, a clothing rental subscription business for men.

Vladimir gave me some great insight into the origins and experience of running The Mr Collection and its sister business The Ms Collection.

To gain the benefit of Vladimir’s wisdom for yourself, check out the full interview on our sister blog: Small Woorld.


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6 responses to Renting Out Clothes With WooCommerce

  1. Mike Halligan

    Great interview Kirby and Vladimir!

    I’m curious how you’ve found selling fashion to guys online, versus your Mrs Collection. Is it a much more straightforward proposition and you see that through better conversions, less time to purchase, etc., or do you feel that guys are much more fashion conscious and easier to sell too these days?

    • Vladimir P.

      Thanks for the question Mike,
      I would have to say it has been a similar experience with both men and women. As our model let’s customers rent the items vs them needing to purchase them. One might think that guys are easy and all they require is a top and some bottoms, but it gets more complex as our stylists pay attention to each persons individual needs, whether it be casual or business, or they might dislike a certain color or pattern. We have found that women seem to have more of a clear vision of the pieces that suit their taste and styles whereas guys are into experimentation a bit more and more flexible of what they are willing to try. We give both men and women the ability to rent new and like new items for as long as they would like and buy them at a discount if they fall in love with that item. This lets them find their style or refine it. Guys also are getting more aware that looking good can be easier without the need to go into a mall by a service like The Mr. Collection 😉
      All the best-
      Vladimir P.

  2. Kirby Prickett
    Post Author

    Thanks Mike 🙂
    I’ve contacted Vladimir and Victoria over at The Mr/Ms Collection about your question. Hopefully they’ll have a chance to jump on over here to give you an answer.

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