5 PetCommerce Companies Powered By WooCommerce

We love finding sites using WooCommerce to sell cool and unusual things.

After viewing a couple of cute dog memes my sister sent me last week (like this funny little fella), I thought to myself, “I bet there are some interesting WooCommerce pet businesses out there!”

Sure enough, it turns out there are plenty of sites around the world that are using WooCommerce for pet-related businesses. And they’re not just boring, run of the mill, online dog food stores.

I Can Have Pet Jellyfish?!

You might be as surprised as I was to find out that you can have pet jellyfish!

Pet Jellyfish in the United Kingdom sells beautiful tanks for housing your collection of pet jellyfish, as well as live jellies, food and other accessories.

I love the Cubic Orbit 20 tank, which can change colours at the press of a button and comes with changeable covers.

Cubic Orbit 20 Round Jellyfish Tank

My Petchup

Did you also know that you can get “Petchup” for your pets? Yep, it’s like ketchup, but for dogs and cats.

Petchup’s condiments are not only tasty, they are designed to meet the nutritional needs of your pet.

Their products include delicacies like beefy Petchup and turkey Muttstard for dogs, and salmon Catchup for cats.

Just make sure you don’t get mixed up, and smother your steak in Muttstard…

Petchup - nutritional condiment for pets

St Louis Pet Rescue

The St Louis Pet Rescue (STLPR) site is also built on WooCommerce. STLPR is a non-profit rescue group focusing on saving pets from local animal control facilities and neglect situations. Impressively, the STLPR doesn’t have a facility or any paid staff.

The WooCommerce powered site really is comprehensive, including information on upcoming events, adoptions, donations, products for sale, news, fostering, volunteering and a wishlist.

Poochie-Pets’ Potty Training Doorbells

Poochie-Pets have created “PoochieBells,” which are house training doorbells for dogs. The PoochieBells allow the dogs to communicate with their family when they need to, you know, go to the loo.

In addition to their PoochieBells, Poochie-Pets also sells a range of other accessories, including hooks for hanging leads, pet-themed bottle openers, and pet towels.

Poochie-Pets have some great resources on their site, including the PoochieBells Training Method, FAQs and a blog that conveys their genuine love for mans’ best friend.

Bulldog with a cockatoo, chameleon, mouse and butterfly on his back

Holistic Canine Wellness

Another site I found is called The Possible Canine and is dedicated to holistic approaches to canine wellbeing.

I didn’t even know there was such a thing—but am able to learn all about it—because The Possible Canine offers courses in animal herbalism and the basics of canine nutrition.

The shop also sells canine diet plans, consultations, and other wellness-related products for dogs.

A More Sustainable Era of PetCommerce?

Pets.com is remembered as one of the biggest busts of the dotcom bubble. So it’s understandable if certain people are wary when it comes to pet-focused eCommerce sites.

But times have changed, and it’s now much cheaper and easier to run a pet-related eCommerce site, thanks to platforms like WooCommerce.

Innovative pet sites that focus on niche products or unique approaches—like the ones we’ve showcased above—might just be the ticket to building a sustainable online pet business.


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