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WooConf 2016: WooCommerce Powered Drones, Branded Limes and Texas Tacos

Well, we didn’t know whether it was possible to top the first WooConf, but team Woo managed to do it the week before last. If you couldn’t make it to Austin for WooConf this year (or even if you could but you’re now suffering post-conf withdrawals), we’ve tried to recreate the magic for you here. Fix yourself a taco with diablo sauce, mix a margarita, and join us for a trip down WooConf memory lane.

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WooCommerce Melbourne September 2015 Recap

The first WooCommerce meetup in Australia was held on September 24th, and I was sent down to Melbourne to share the Prospress love and chat all things WooCommerce. Just under 25 locals attended the first meetup which was held in the office of the Emote Digital team. There were many familiar faces amongst the crowd (some of whom I have met previously overseas at #WooConf, and here in Australia at previous WordCamps).

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WooCommerce London September 2015 Recap

This Monday we had our September London WooCommerce meetup, hosted by Realex Payments. With Marina out of town, it was up to Elliot and myself to orchestrate everything.

The London meetups usually start out with networking, talking amongst each other, consumption of refreshments. We planned a Q&A session where those who came could ask questions, and we’d try to answer them using our collective knowledge about all the things: Paul and Alan from Realex about the nitty gritty of payments, Elliot about the business cases, and myself mostly about developer focused topics.

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Man sketching content marketing for subscription businesses ideas at his desk
Man sketching content marketing for subscription businesses ideas at his desk

Content Marketing For Subscription Businesses

Content marketing is a form of marketing that any subscription business can use to its advantage. The great news is that there are very low barriers to entry, meaning any online subscription entrepreneur can give it a go.

When done well, content marketing can help you attract new customers to your online store. It can also allow you to add value to your existing customers’ experience.

There are four main areas of content marketing that we will cover in this post:

1) What is content content marketing?
2) Content is easy in WooCommerce/WordPress.
3) What is SEO and why does it matter?
4) What’s relevant? Making sure your content adds value for customers.

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