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White Gum Wool sheep
White Gum Wool sheep

Doing Things Differently: The Story of White Gum Wool

What do small-scale, ethical sheep farming in Tasmania and WooCommerce have in common?

You might not think much, but that’s only if you haven’t yet heard of Nan Bray, founder of White Gum Wool.

Nan has kept an open mind and an inquiring eye on her farm and business. By paying attention to the behaviour of her flock, and using her scientific background to do some research of her own, Nan has discovered an ethical and sustainable way to graze sheep.

Nan’s willingness to do things differently has meant her 1,000 or so Merino sheep have flourished. And because of their superior health and nutrition, Nan’s flock produce wool so fine that it could be used in top-of-the-line Italian suits.

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