HDPiano: Bootstrapping a Successful Video Subscription Business

HDPiano is different to many of the other subscription businesses we’ve spoken to as part of our Small Woorld interview series.

Because their product is a video subscription business—a membership to view videos of piano lessons—HDPiano don’t have to worry about shipping, inventory or many of the other hassles that consistently plague eCommerce entrepreneurs.

Another distinguishing fact about HDPiano is that YouTube is their top lead generator. Founder Sean Lee, told me that to date they haven’t spent anything on paid advertising to build HDPiano’s (quite large) audience.

To find out how Sean was able to build HDPiano from humble beginnings with a $500 personal investment with no programming skills, check out my full interview with him on Small Woorld.

You’ll also learn a little bit about Sean’s digital nomad lifestyle in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and how Tim Ferriss’s The Four Hour Work Week influenced his approach.


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4 responses to HDPiano: Bootstrapping a Successful Video Subscription Business

  1. Eva Gantz

    I’m also teaching myself some piano, and I ame across HD Piano videos just last week. Loved the concept, and it’s really cool to hear the design behind the business. Thanks Kirby and Sean!

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