4 Business Ideas for WooCommerce Bookings

One of the coolest things about eCommerce is the ability to take previously idle resources and turn them into something useful.

Whether it be your free time, your infrequently used surfboard, or your dog walks; low-cost eCommerce software enables you to match your underused resources with someone who looking for just what you’ve got to offer.

Spare Time Entrepreneurs

A couple of months ago, WooCommerce came out with a pretty darn cool extension, called WooCommerce Bookings, which you can use to make time and date based bookings.

There are some obvious ways that Bookings can be used. For example, hairdressers and massage therapists can use Bookings to manage their appointments, while hotels and bed and breakfasts can use it to let out rooms.

But we’re also curious about the less common and obvious ways that you can use eCommerce software like Bookings to be entrepreneurial, even if only in your spare time.

So we racked our brains to come up with four exciting new side businesses that people can start using WooCommerce Bookings.

1. Part-Time Consultant

You have a day job and it’s great, but you’re finding yourself bored now that Game of Thrones isn’t on anymore… besides you’d really like to save up for that Tesla S Model you’ve been coveting for a while now.

Why not earn some extra money in the evenings or on the weekend using your mad WordPress skills to provide consulting services?

consulting at desk

You can use WooCommerce Bookings to block off time—i.e. your normal work hours and your family time—so that potential clients can only book you in the time you do have available for consulting.

(If you want to be extra entrepreneurial, once you have the Tesla, you could then use Bookings to rent it out when you’re not using it).

The same idea can be applied to any other skills you have, from cooking to guitar lessons, from dog walking to Latin tutoring.

2. Photography Equipment Rental

Speaking of rentals… who among you is an amateur photographer?

Have you ever thought of using WooCommerce Bookings to rent out your expensive equipment on the days you aren’t using it?

Bookings allows you to create fixed time slots or let the customers decide. So renters can borrow your equipment for two hours or eight, depending on what whether they’re using it to take one portrait, or to shoot an entire indie fashion spread.

You can also Bookings to start selling your photography services online. Anyone who’s gotten married recently knows that good photography can be a lucrative business. (Getting married…not so lucrative).

Take look around your house to find expensive and rarely used items, like that 3D printer, boat or Xbox. There’s sure to be a market for people wanting to rent rather than buy such items, and Bookings provides the platform to manage it.

3. Running a Coworking Space

Did you recently sign a long-term lease on your company office—and get a space that is larger than you currently need—in anticipation of growth? Good on you!

But while you’re waiting for your business to grow, why not run your own mini-coworking space in the meantime?

With WooCommerce Bookings you can create a schedule for your empty rooms and spare desks, allowing freelancers and other solopreneurs to use the space.

Who knows? They could end up being your new employees, or at least show you a thing or two about their area of expertise.

The same idea can apply to creating your own private Airbnb with that spare room, or beach house if you’re lucky enough to have one.

4. City Walking Tour Guides

While you’ve been out practicing your photography and ogling at Model S Teslas, have you realised you’ve developed a love for your city, its history and secrets?  Well why not offer your services as a City Walking Tour Guide in your spare time?

Walking Tour Services with WooCommerce Bookings

Or perhaps you know all the best local restaurants, or the the best-kept secret wineries. You could use Bookings to offer a hosting service where you show tourists around when they come to town.

You can make friends, money, and have a good excuse to eat and drink more great food and wine than you probably should.

Want to Learn More?

Hopefully this post have given you a little taste some of the novel side businesses you can create with WooCommerce Bookings.

If so, BobWP has recorded a great little demo video showing the basics of Bookings, and you can also check out the official documentation on the WooThemes site.

Who knows, maybe your new side business will work so well that it becomes your new full-time gig?

If not, at least you’ll be able to drive to work in that Tesla.

Have you thought of a side business you can start using WooCommerce Bookings?


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