We think WooCommerce is the best thing to happen to the web since WordPress.

Prospress is a tiny company standing on the shoulders of this giant eCommerce plugin. We use its extendability to build software customers love, help organise a few local meetups and talk about it at events all over the world.

We exist to make the world’s best eCommerce platform a little better, because we want to help entrepreneurs prosper with WordPress.



WooCommerce Subscriptions helps entrepreneurs sell subscriptions to all manner of digital and physical goods. Stores use it to sell energy food for elite athletes; fishing tackle without the hassle; salsa dancing lessons; carbon offsets; nail polish; pet food; socks; soap; eco-friendly craft boxes for kids, and everything in between.

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Robot Ninja

77% of WooCommerce store managers test their checkout, manually. Now it can be done automatically.

Robot Ninja provides end-to-end testing for a WooCommerce store’s cart and checkout functionality, without any code.

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One Page Checkout

The traditional checkout process requires a customer to go from the product page to the cart page to the checkout page. The number of steps involved in this process contributes to cart abandonment, which is why we built a One Page Checkout plugin for WooCommerce. Add to cart, checkout & pay all on the one page.

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WooCommerce Subscriptions is the best plugin I’ve ever come across. We couldn’t exist without it.
I needed something very simple, very easy to integrate, WooCommerce plus Subscriptions fit for us.
I can’t thank you enough for the Subscriptions plugin. It’s really making a dream come true.
My favourite thing about WooCommerce is WooCommerce Subscriptions.
WooCommerce Subscriptions got the job done.
Subscriptions has been great for us.

Find more on Small Woorld, where we share stories from WooCommerce entrepreneurs around the world.


Matt Allan

Robot Technician

Working from: Brisbane, Australia (or a beach).

Matt first found his love for WordPress and WooCommerce when doing small projects with Brent back in 2013 and is now one of our Prospress engineers in Australia. A surf-loving, bonzer guy with a positive attitude Matt enjoys listening to crime podcasts, travelling Japan and talking about Robot Ninja, not necessarily in that order!

If he’s not coding or talking Robot Ninja, he’s most likely drinking coffee or finding new dogs on Instagram to follow. If you see Matt out and about, say hello (or こんにちは) and mention Robot Ninja or Subscriptions’ REST API for brownie points.

James Allan

Action Architect

Working from: air-conditioning in the subtropical city of Brisbane.

Another member of the Australian crew, James is a self-confessed politics nerd who loves Game of Thrones & Cool Runnings, which tells you all you need to know.

He joined Prospress after completing a degree in game development and is rather proud of the Pressurizer game he helped develop.

James started with us by creating the Subscriptions Gifting extension. He now leads development of WooCommerce Subscriptions, in between episodes of the Good Wife that is.

Brent Shepherd


Working from: somewhere inside Karl the Fog.

Brent is the founder of Prospress and developer responsible for all the bad parts of WooCommerce Subscriptions. He’s been contributing to WooCommerce core since December 2011; has spoken about WooCommerce in half a dozen cities on 3 different continents, and co-organises the WooCommerce San Francisco meetup.

Prior to falling in love with WooCommerce, Brent worked as a WordPress freelancer for clients like Designer Fund and the Australian Government, while finishing his Master’s degree in Internet & Web Technologies and co-organising two WordCamps in Australia.

Ali Terkelsen

Peopleware Engineer

Working from: beside a lake or atop a mountain in Whistler, Canada.

Ali has a PhD in Behavioural Economics and uses the skills she learnt in that to cleverly craft a wonderful team here at Prospress. She is intrepid traveller, having circumvented the globe several times before settling down amongst the aspens, firs and fresh mountain air of Whistler in Canada.

Ali has a deep understanding for other people and can artfully balance the business of incentives with the empathy of emotion to help humans flourish. She is very proud of what she does to help our team and Prospress itself grow in awesomeness!

Jason Conroy


Working from: the “bush capital” of Canberra, Australia.

Jason is an web designer/developer and Certified Information Systems Security Professional. He has a passion for simple, usable web design and has contributed to a range of sites for organisations all over the world, including the Australian Government, Designer Fund and Stanford University.

Jason has an intrinsic understanding of both user needs and the needs of content development. He’s not afraid of hard work- “this can’t be done” is not an expression in his vocabulary! Which is why he now leads the Robot Ninja team at Prospress.

Although proud of his work, his biggest achievement is his growing family.

Lauren Crees

Software Engineer

Working from: behind a mug of excellent coffee in Portland, OR.

Lauren’s first degree was in Anthropology from Princeton; but as the evolution of man led us to technology, so it led Lauren to WooCommerce! She is now in the last quarter of a Computer Science degree having discovered a love of the puzzle solving involved in programming.

Inspired after a summer internship with us, Lauren chose to join the team full time and has been a warm and calm component ever since. With a knack for the creative, Lauren can be found baking in the kitchen or wood whittling in the garden. Ask to see her marvelous wooden Prospress “flying P”!

César Rodas

Software Engineer

Working from: his birthplace, Luque, a tiny city in Paraguay.

Cesar has a wonderful drive to learn. His first experience with computers was in the 6th grade with Windows 95 and D.O.S and his curiosity has not been quenched since.

In the early 2000s he started learning PHP3 and MySQL 3.23 and inadvertently doing Open Source by sharing his tiny libraries. He did not stop for the next 12 years and is proud that most of his projects are now used in production somewhere.

Cesar believes sharing makes the world a better place, and it has given back to him by letting him speak at conferences, meet wonderful people and get a job with Prospress!

Nick Green

Code Sleuth

Working from: within the creative chaos of Portland, OR.

Nick is a former air ambulance pilot in the Pacific Northwest US who first taught himself to program on a Mac Classic with a 9″ black and white screen. Intrigued yet? We were!

Nick is is a bright spark with a huge passion for learning that meant he went from a Bachelors degree in Fine Arts and German language to the fine art of programming languages (we love a pun). He is now a Support Engineer in our growing West coast team having moved back to Portland.

Nick tells us he joined Prospress because of our positive influence on the WordPress community and the world as a whole. But we know it was really just for our mad gifs.

Carolyn Avatar

Carolyn Wells


Working from: beside a ski slope in Whistler, British Columbia!

In a former life Carolyn was a documentary producer on more than 30 documentaries for worldwide broadcasters – with a few high profile names from Michael Caine to Morgan Spurlock. One of her favourite films to work on was an independent documentary about men with a love for My Little Pony (yes, that’s right – Google A Brony Tale!).

After years living in London, UK, Carolyn went for a change of pace and now lives in a mountain town in Canada in order to get into the wilderness as much as possible. As part of the Human Factors team Carolyn is putting her Journalism Masters to good use to help with Prospress storytelling.


We’d love to chat with you about partnership or sponsorship opportunities and look forward to hearing from you.

For help with WooCommerce plugins or Robot Ninja, please submit a support request.

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